Health Care

Well Care is dedicated to helping the local residents get accessible health care, and this includes making sure you are able to make it to your appointment with us on time. For patients that qualify, bus vouchers are available or we also have a gas card program if you do not have access to public transportation.


Gas Cards

Owning your own vehicle can only take you so far if income is tight. Don’t prolong the wait for your doctor visits because of lack of funds. Well Care provides gas cards to patients that qualify. One of our goals is to enable local residents to be proactive about their health—helping you get to your appointment is just one way we fulfill this.

We also provide Gas Cards to our Centerville Dental Office.

Bus Passes

Well Care has partnered with Rose View Transit to provide bus transportation. Our Health Center is located next to a bus stop, which means that from whatever location you take the bus, there’s bound to be a route that will take you to our doorsteps.